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Norwegian top flight football club Vålerenga wanted to give the sponsors a way to activate their sponsorships. They found a way - and also they found their Player of the Year.

Crowdmanager set up a voting module for the fans to pick their favourite player of the year. With overwhelming numbers, local hero Ivan Näsberg won the title for the 2020 season. Having been a Vålerenga player since he was a kid, Näsberg has gone through the ranks of the club and is now a solid defender and a fan favourite.

In the polls, 40 percent of the votes were cast in favour of Ivan Näsberg.

I am very proud. I am a humble boy from Vålerenga, the defender said after the result.

Activation of sponsorship

For sponsor DNB, Norway’s largest bank, the competition turned into warm leads. The way Crowdmanager set up the voting, every fan casting a vote could opt in to be contacted by DNB. And they did. The engagement of the fans was turned into a very healthy lead generation for the sponsor.

Activation doesn't always need to be linked directly to the sponsor’s business. But in today’s logo frenzy, just getting the brand name in front of people's eyes may not be enough. And even when there is no apparent link between, let’s say, football and banking, a connection can still be made, as demonstrated by the DNB sponsored Player of the Year competition.

Sales Manager of Vålerenga, Mehran Amundsen-Ansari is very happy:

This may just be the best project we have had together with Crowdmanager. DNB is very important to us, as they are our biggest sponsor. We found this opportunity and they took ownership. I can’t go into details, but DNB are very happy with both the activation and the sales returned.

The fans were invited to honour their best player, and could win Vålerenga shirts and scarves. And as always - the chance to be on the winning side is a strong driving force behind competitions and polls.

Kenneth Akselsen, Crowdmanager CEO, says this is what modern sponsors will expect from now on:

When you see how technology can serve the purpose for clubs and fans in addition to securing leads for the sponsor, I think we have turned a corner. Giving your sponsor valuable business leads from fans who actually want to be contacted is a good way to show them their sponsorship is a vital part of their business.

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