Brewery giant Anheuser-Busch InBev welcomes EURO passion into their app. Here’s how we helped them.

We’re halfway through the EURO 2020 and the Belgians still have their eyes on the prize. The Red Devils, as the Belgians like to call their national football team, went into the tournament ranked no. 1 in the world, so expectations are high.

There is a feeling of now or never for this team. Personally, I think with the two machines Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku together with our goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, this really could be our year, says AB Inbev’s Head of Trade Marketing On-Trade BE + Luxembourg, Mathias Jennes.

Combining the offline and online with fan engagement quiz

AB Inbev (short for Anheuser Busch InBev) is the world’s largest brewery and for this tournament, they wanted to combine the physical world of the Belgian bars with the online world of their mobile app. So we made a quiz for their app.

But how to get people to use the app? The solution is to sell vouchers - a Fast Pass - with a QR-code. The fans in the bars buy eleven Jupiler beers and can jump the queue for those eleven beers. Some bars will also offer a discount.

By scanning the QR-code on the Fast Pass voucher, the football fans are transferred to the Jupiler app. AB Inbev’s Jupiler is the number one selling beer brand in Belgium with a 40% market share.

Platform agnostic

Once inside the app, the fans are presented with a quiz made by Crowdmanager. Since all Crowdmanager’s concepts are platform agnostic, it does not really matter if the quiz is presented inside an app or on a bigger screen. But it sits really well inside the app.

Lucky fans can win signed Belgium shirts, a Samsung tablet, JBL earphones and other attractive prizes.

Mathias Jennes says:

We see huge spikes in usage of the Jupiler app during the games of our national team. We see the same trend in engagement level with the Fast Pass & the Jupiler app during those moments. The connection between the Fast Pass & the Jupiler app means a connection between off-line & on-line behavior of our consumers which sounds easier than it is. It gives us some great opportunities to expand our consumer base on the Jupiler app without traditional marketing tool.

Says John Petter Sæterdal, Head of Product at Crowdmanager:

It was a joy working with AB Inbev for this, and we saw right away that we could offer them the right solution for their app. Also, it’s very exciting to follow the traffic through the tournament, because I think we have scaled the fence between offline and online. With Belgian success, maybe all the way, we expect to see traffic increasing even more.

Go Belgium!

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