Club Brugge fans can’t stop voting for Noa

As far as challenges go, guessing the score of a handball match is both entertaining and difficult. Each game takes on its own life, and goals can be plenty.

Noa Lang, Club Brugge’s goal machine winger on loan from Ajax in the Netherlands has turned out to be very popular among the Blauw-Zwart (Blue-Black) fans.

Scoring a goal in more than 60 percent of his games so far, he has been voted Club Bugge’s Unibet Player of the Month for three consecutive months at the time of writing. (Feb ‘21)

Picked by the fans through Crowdmanager’s easy and proven setup, this impressive streak shows how supporters can fall in love with a player they may never have seen live on the pitch. Obviously, Club Brugge’s 30.000 capacity Jan Breydel Stadium, like other European venues, are closed to the public due to Covid-19.

What’s in it for the fans?

The Player of the month poll is a way of paying tribute to favourite players. Being in the majority also activates the feelgood factor, as everybody wants to be on the winning side and to feel included.

What’s in it for the sponsor?

Sponsor Unibet will always be looking for interesting ways to keep their brands near competitive sports activities. With Unibet Player of the Month, the betting company stays very much in the game and very close to the supporters’ thrill of decision making

What’s in it for the brand?

That’s why it’s important to Club Brugge and other sports brands to engage the fans in activities and collect user data to be used in marketing activities.

Says Victor Laduyt, conduct coordinator at Club Brugge:

It only takes 5 minutes (to set up). It is an easy way to collect user data. After the vote, we will send an email to all voters with a discount code for our shop. Our partner Unibet also gives 1 euro per vote to our CSR campaign, which is an extra trigger to get votes.

The total voting numbers have tripled to 6.000 people voting for Unibet Player of the Month. With growing numbers like these, CRM systems are filled with interesting user data, statistics, fields of interest, geographical and demographical data - all GDPR compliant.

Any interaction between fan and brand builds a stronger connection. With 6000 votes every month, this gives Club Brugge a recurring activity based on on-the-field success. The Club Brugge online presence enjoys dynamic content.

By the way, the summer of 2021 sees Noa Lang joining Club Brugge permanently. There will be plenty of opportunities for making him Unibet Player of the Month the coming months and years.

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