Focus on the fans - get them up on the big screen like Brann

Fan engagement in Bergen, Norway starts long before the ball is in play.

What the brand wanted

Elite local football team Brann are always looking to get the fire going in the supporters’ bellies. And that’s only fitting, since brann means fire in Norwegian.

As the fans enter the hundred years old stadium, they take out their cameras and pose for selfies and group shots. Through Crowdmanager’s easy to use tool Event Selfie, they can upload the pictures through Brann’s Facebook page or the native app. The result is shown on the stadium big screen.

What the sponsor gets

Earlier sponsor, photo service Fotoknudsen jumped on the chance to get exposure through Event Selfie, seeing as it’s all about capturing the moment through the camera lens. The 2021 season will see mobile network provider Telia taking over the sponsorship. Both sponsors obviously see Event Selfie as a chance to activate their sponsorships in a business relevant way.

Says Janne Håland digital media manager at Brann:

We love it and the fans love it. It's a popular pastime before the match gets going. Brann wants to engage the fans not only through exciting play, but we want to give Brann Stadion that community feeling.

What the fans get

Good days can have 300 pictures rolling across the screen, but for the individual supporter, it’s always worth the wait to show their support for the team. And one lucky winner can walk away with a €100 gift card.

Alexander Faye-Schjøll, Nordic sales manager with Crowdmanager has seen the service grow:

I like how Brann has incorporated this in their match day routine. They really get the fans going, and It’s a way to let the people on the stand show that they are also part of the team.

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