Guessing the score keeps handball fans on the edge of their seats

As far as challenges go, guessing the score of a handball match is both entertaining and difficult. Each game takes on its own life, and goals can be plenty.

December 2020 saw the European Women’s Championship final between Norway and France, and the goals kept coming. At full time, the two sides had scored 42 goals between them, with Norway coming out on top with 22 goals to France’s 20. A narrow win in handball…

For a moment in the second half, Norway were up by three goals (13 – 16) before the French closed the gap to keep neck’n’neck with Norway until late in the game.

Harvesting valuable data

The 2020 final servers as a good example of how dynamics can shift many times during a game of handball. Keeping up with the score is on thing, guessing the right score at full time is a major challenge, making it the perfect pastime for fans.

In order to place a vote, each fan would register and volunteer personal data. Gathering the information, Crowdmanager assists The Norwegian Handball Federation in making the data valuable in later ventures.

What’s in it for the fans?

The thrill of the challenge adds to the joy of watching the game. Getting it right adds a feel good factor to the viewing.

The value for the sports brand

With secure and simple methods, Norwegian Handball Federation could harvest data from thousands of passionate fans and viewers to leverage in later undertakings.

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