It’s all play and no sweat when Spenst members are rewarded for working out

Getting in shape has its own rewards, of course. But Norwegian gym franchise Spenst want to reward their members even more. CROWDMANAGER makes it feel like a game.

Imagine every time you turned up at the gym you got a pat on the back. You got proof that you were seen. You could earn points for showing up. And those points could be turned into valuables and benefits.

That’s exactly what Spenst is doing at the moment. Members track and register their workouts by registering their attendance at the gym or if they exercise outdoors they simply activate their Strava app to earn points.

How we did this

With our unique API model we are able to easily connect multiple sources to the Reward program to track transactions – activated by the target members. Together with our new friends at iBooking and Strava we track all activities from the members’ training activities on behalf of Spenst.

What the members get

Spenst members have their unique reward page to keep score and track their earnings. The stronger the effort, the higher the reward, and the more points they earn. Points are converted into real life membership benefits – such as special offers, even goods or services that their commercial partners offer as benefits in trade for their loyalty.

What Spenst gets

No gym club wants passive members. By gamifying and rewarding workouts, Spenst gets more and happier members. In addition to happy members, Spenst is also involving commercial partners that are benefitting from the strength of the relation between Spenst and their members.

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