Passion for goals brings fans closer to wolves and angels

Wolverhampton Wanderers is an English Premier League club with a passionate following and a proud history. Affectionately named Wolves, the club wanted to activate Energy Angels’ sponsorship, engage their fans and tap into the valuable data in their pool of dedicated fans.

Wolves Score Predictor
Wolverhampton Wanderers let the fans get closer by inviting them to predict the total score.

How it was done

All fans love goals. We all want our team to score more. So CROWDMANAGER set up a simple, yet sophisticated way for the fans to predict the total number of goals scored by Wolves in one season.

We call it The Score Predictor. Get in touch, and we’ll set up one for you.

The login process is hassle free, and the fans can have their say in seconds. The club handles the data with care. They understand the responsibility of handling personal information.

Wolves Score Predictor
Score Predictor login page secures robust data

What it gave them

For Wolves, this was a great way to activate sponsorship. Energy Angels, like other sponsors, are looking for more than just getting their logo in front of eyeballs. They want to be present in that moment when the fan interacts with the brand.

The Score Predictor is a sure way of securing this presence for the sponsor

For Energy Angels, a UK based energy provider, each goal prediction is an opportunity to get in touch with a fan to convert that fan into a lead. If not a loyal customer.

What it gave the fans

Each goal prediction goes into a ranking system. By gamifying the goal prediction, Wolves can present scoreboards and rankings. Changing every week, the fans can come back to the website, check their status and obviously add to the total traffic.

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