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The Crowd Management model

CROWDMANAGER consists of five core solutions which help your company maximise the value of your customer and audience engagement.

World class content. Create an activity plan, choose an engaging campaign and publish to mulitple media in one tool.


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Campaign Builder



Customer Insight


Used by over 200 professional sports clubs and national teams to:

Engage millions of supporters every week – on and off the arena

Activate sponsorships with new digital, social and arena concepts

Building structured supporter databases to automate marketing and fill stadiums


Reaching your customers in the social media’s can be a challenge. One way of solving this challenge is to build creative interactive campaigns that engage your fans and customers. Our campaign builder is a flexible and powerfull tool, where you can choose from ready made templates or let us build your very custom campaign – for the ultimate customer targeting. The tool is wizard based and guides you through the process in a few steps – making sure your campaign is reaching the right crowd.

Best Player

Create a competition where fans can vote on the best players. Live progress can be projected on a big screen so everyone can see which players are in the lead. You can manage which players to vote for during the competition and pick a winner among the voters. The winning player and voter will be highlighted after the competition ends.

Event Selfie

Create a contest where fans can upload an image and have it shown in a gallery. The gallery can be projected on a big screen for all to see. You can easily view and moderate all submissions both during and after the campaign ends.

Guess The Score

Create a competition where participants guess the result of an upcoming match. Set it to start and end whenever you want. Participant data can be downloaded after the competition ends. This is a great way to generate pre-match buzz and involve your fans.


Create a voting campaign where users vote on any number of objects. Can be combined with a nomination campaign.

Image Competition

Create an image competition where users can submit and vote for images.

Slot Machine

Create a spin & win contest where users can win prizes by playing a slotmachine.

Wheel of Fortune

Create a spin & win contest where users can win prizes by spinning the wheel of fortune.

Persona Quiz

Create a quiz where participants answer a series of questions and get a tailored result. Write and edit your own questions, alternatives, and outcomes. Gather data about the participants either with a form or Facebook Connect.

Knowledge Quiz

Create a knowledge quiz where users answer a series of question to be eligible to win a prize.

Item List

Create a list of items that users can view and interact with, be it job listings, blog posts, events, or special offers. Easily add new items at any time and categorize them with tags. Each item can include a title, ingress, description, one to several images, and a call to action button that sends users to a website or email address.

Calendar Quiz

Create a calendar competition where users can answer daily questions in order to win a prize.

Guess the number

Create a competition where participants guess the number of something, for instance how many almonds is there in a can.


Create a nomination campaign where users nominate themselves or others. Can be combined with a voting campaign.

Guess the line-up

Create a simple competition where users guess which soccer players are part of the match start.


Create a campaign in which participants can sign up to something you offer, events, newsletter, etc.

Guess the audience

Create a simple competition where users guess how many spectators will be present at the next match.

Simple Form

Simple landing page where participants answer a single question.


Set up an auction and have users bid on any number of items. You can how long an item will be available for bidding, starting prize, buyout prize, and much more.


Create a crowdfunding campaign and collect money for a cause of your choice. You can set a funding goal and how much donors are able to give. Donors will be displayed in a gallery with the amount they’ve given.

Advanced Form

Create a campaign with several type of fields for a good form.

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